Ask the administration or accounting firm;

Could this be the ideal workflow?

In the ideal workflow, both the customer and the administration or accounting firm work from the same accounting application. The customer sends the sales invoices from there. The purchase invoices are sent directly to the accounting application. The direct bank link ensures the automatic processing of bank transactions. The VAT return is submitted from the same application and is therefore automatically processed. You also use a payroll application that has a direct link with your accounting application. Just like your reporting application and your VBP/IB declaration application.

But why does it rarely work that way?

It sounds so nice and in the picture it probably also looks very logical. But in practice you rarely come across this setup.

A few causes in a row.

  1. The customer does not have access to the administration.

Ehhh, a few causes, you just write one down. Indeed, and while it's not black or white, this is the main reason why it actually works sub-optimally. Of course you can now name all kinds of things that make it possible to do this and that. Or that the customer wants it that way (have you asked further?). But what really matters is that you keep the customer at a distance. It is not his administration but your administration. Where you want the stuff when it suits you.

If you want engaged customers, involve them! Make optimal use of the technical possibilities, but always do this from the customer's perspective!

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