Research: working methods and experiences busy VAT month

NoReJa advice continuously conducts the VAT investigation. We approach offices by telephone to find out what is going on in the administrative sector. An instructive study for ourselves, but also for the offices of course. Our goal is to inspire each other to become better and better with the customer as the starting point.

A term such as 'busy VAT month' always appeals to the imagination of many administrative offices. In fact, many administrative offices agree that the VAT month is a busy period. To a greater or lesser extent, many offices experience a peak load. While they can best prevent this, see this video as a result of our research.

Why VAT research among administrative offices?

We conduct this research to see how offices deal with the busy season and whether we - but also offices themselves - can learn from each other's working methods. It is a way to keep in touch with the market, but also to inspire each other.

The first survey experiences VAT research among the ABCO community

The first survey on the experiences of administrative offices in the VAT month started in April 2019 and focused on administrative offices affiliated with the network association ABCO Netherlands. Among the ABCO community, we approached a hundred administrative offices with questions about how they dealt with the VAT month.
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