The good old Sales funnel!?

Yep, the good old sales funnel

Many self-proclaimed marketing and/or social selling gurus think the sales funnel is old school. Customers will find out for themselves. But is that true, or is it a bit more nuanced?

You may hope your product sells itself - something like a self-cleaning oven - but you know that that's not how it works. You will have to take action.

  • Your product, what problem does it solve?
  • Who does it solve a problem for, is there a focus group?
  • Can you reach the focus group? When is one aware of your existence?
  • If one knows of you, is your product directly relevant?
  • Do you make contact, do you immediatly make an offer?
  • Etcetera. All things that are important to know and measure.
In short, marketing and sales. It's inextricably linked and one can't go without the other. Furthermore it is and stays a process which consists of multiple steps.

In a word, perfectly visualizable in an infographic!


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